28/05: It’s Saturday. It’s a rainny Saturday. Everybody is outside partying and I’m at home. That’s not the problem, that’s not the really problem. I’ll tell you where the problem is: Me. Only me. At this time I am mad with me. But I’ll try to change this madness into power to impulse myself into emprovement.

I am mad with me because everyday is the same history. Everyday I make plans. Everyday I don’t do it. And I’m tired of this improductiveness! I’m about to have a tough week. I see no prosperity in any area of my life right now. I know I do look pessimistic seeing things at this way. BUT I DO REALLY NEED TO CHANGE!

I don’t know where to start. All I know that there is much work to do! I’ll have one thing in mind: If there’s suffering it says that’s a CALL for HEALING. So, first of all, I thank you Universe for this opportunity and I ask for permission to begin this change of habits!

So, I’ll begin with some questions: HEALING – BEHAVIOR

1 – What exactly is bothering you right now?

Well, let’s begin. I know there’s looootss of things I am grateful for in my life, for everything that has been happening and the people that entered in my life, and all the proccess I am taking, and I do thank God\Universe every morning by that! BUT, BUUUUT… There’s to MUCH (to doesn’t say EVERYTHING) I could do better! And there’s still to MUCH to heal\change on here. I do really get pissed off the way of my organization is, and my controlling of time, it makes me so unpruductive, and I spend all day thinking on how bad it is and reading how I could change this and imagining how my life would be if I could change that. EVERYDAY I end my day having zero studies, zero organization and procrastinating everything I have to do until the LAST minute. Ending in zero quality, frustation with me and believing that I am in the wrong course because I show no ability for that. LET ME ASK YOU, do you really think ABILITIES COMES FROM THE SKY? Yeah my dear you really grow up with them inside of you but you have to DEVELOP IT with so much discipline, EFFORT and compromission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO, you can see now how why things doesn’t work. Well, this is an area of my life that is bothering me. It is to be at class and having no attention, it is getting close to tests and having zero studies, is getting up at home and having NO ORGANIZATION, is feeding me bad, is spend too much money in things I could avoid spending, it is spending my life sending energy to my MIND. Time is precious, my dear. Your life is a unique opportunity and I AM GIVING YOU A CALL, that you really need to change it NOW. You don’t need to think in what you have to do, which way you need to go, you just need to get things ON PRACTICE. With DISCIPLINE, COMPROMISSION AND EFFORT. And then, if doing that as a habit, if things doesn’t work, you can say that you’re in the wrong course. Well, do I need to say that this area reflects in all others? All I can see is that your priorities is all wrong, you do spend money in wrong things, you do give priority for the wrong persons, send energy to the wrong relationships. Ok, it’s totally okay to make mistakes, but NOW you have to LEARN the lesson and DEVELOP yourself. It’s time for changing. May was a great month with a great purpose. You got the necessary knowledge for Jun. YOU DO REALLY NEED MAKE THINGS RIGHT THIS TIME! I mean, you have the necessary to organize yourself, your time and your life. This is the area of your life that is claiming for help right now. So, please, accept the call, try to improve it! Compromise yourself in this development! Take that as a job! I forgive myself now, for everything I have done. For every day that I had spent thinking useless things. For every work I had procrastinate. For every negativity I had about me. It’s time to change! It’s time to reconnect that I am not this! I need to begin that by the root! And I’ll do that! Jun will be a special month and I believe in this! It’s time to open the doors, it’s time to make the job, to make things happen, to change what bothers me, to reinvent me, to REBORN! It’s always possible, the only responsible for that is JUST YOU! So, please, come with me? I accept, I thank and I forgive! It’s all part of my proccess. My only proccess. My nature proccess. It doesn’t need to be equal of others. It’s my proccess. My learning. My lessons. So GO ON! Without comparisson, without blaming. What I can REALLY do is to not let it happen again! I’ll start working with little tasks and projects, with goals and time organization. I have nothing to lose because I’m in the rock bottom. I do thank Universe for the learning ❤ I’ll take that as a responsability! A job! A commitment with myONLYself! And I’m sure it will reflect in the outside and will attract all the good possibilites for me. I belive in that. I have faith in that. I’ll use all the knowledge you gave me, Universe. I’ll use that in a good way, to impulse me and help others! It’s time to put things in practice! JUN WILL BE AN AWESOME MONTH! As the others were for my proccess! “It’s everything good. This I know. It’s always possible to change and grow up!”




stop making things so complicated. lets ndanalyze things: you think too much, and then when something happens you just get “oh, fuck that. let’s end with that” and when it pass you live your hole fucking days thinking about that and dreamind. but in the other plan, all the person can think is that you are boring, without interest and things like that. my clue to you: let all your thinkings on here. they are no real. focus on the present. focus on what exist. do you wanna know why you feel tired? thats all caused by lots of energies being wasted on thinking. it causes you the same spirit level you are now. please get those thinkings to god, to mine superior to something like that. but start focusing on the present, on what you can change. stop thinking on all the possibilities that you have, if he calls you, if you guys date, if he came on here because nothing of that is real, so you began to create an history, a lie, and your brain get so involved to that, that it begins to treat it as a truth. so, my clue for you to save your year:

  1. Focus on the present.
  2. Give your thoughts to ternity.
  3. Always remember what Edgardos said: wise words, indered. Your y mental proccess is trying to give you away from your objectives, it keeps dreaming, creating situaations, imaginating possiibilities and things like that. the all you win in that is you not being able to live and share the hole moment you have on here ON THE HERE AND NOW. So, start caring about your thoughts, as buda said:
  4. No enemy can hurt you as a uncaeried mind
  5. So, take care of yourr mental health. Take care how you enjoy your day. Take care, responsability.  Watch your thoguhts, see how it works

Quem tem dinheiro é quem manda

Neste final de semana me disseram que quem tem dinheiro é quem manda, que eu só não percebia isso pois sou muito nova para entender dessas coisas. Primeiramente, dinheiro: Um tipo de moeda que pode ser adquirido através de vendas/heranças/trabalho. Função: Comprar. É entre tais duas opções que a sociedade gira e se sustenta. É com o dinheiro que você adquire alimento para sobrevivência, ok. É com dinheiro que você paga suas contas para a sobrevivência, ok. Tendo-se dinheiro tem-se melhores condições de vida, alimentação de qualidade, acesso a um bom sistema de saúde, educação, roupas de qualidade, transporte, enfim, uma vida de melhor nível. Porém, tendo-se em vista a liberdade individual que cada um possui, de ir e vir, após total análise não me vêm a cabeça a relação ainda em que se comprova que “quem tem dinheiro é quem manda”. Quem é que manda? O que é mandar? Tenho dinheiro, logo eu mando?
O sistema e o bom senso nos “mandam” obedecer inúmeras regras de conduta e comportamento, que cabem a qualquer ser humano delimitar sua liberdade na fronteira em que tais regras começam. O termo “ser mandado” ou melhor, obedecer ordens, pode ser contextualizado na profissão, local em que se tem a venda da mão de obra em troca de dinheiro, que geralmente vêm da pessoa que “dá ordens” e geralmente possui um lucro maior que o seu. É daí que vem o raciocínio de “quem tem dinheiro manda”? Dinheiro, um papel. Papel que constrói todo um aglomerado de vantagens sociais ao redor de quem o tem, parece mágico, parece até que são uma classe privilegiada da humanidade. Ao fim de tudo isso, veja bem, ter dinheiro é ótimo, é lindo, e parabéns para você se o tem! Mas qualquer tipo de ego que venha com sua conta bancária, eu dispenso! Se quem tem dinheiro é quem manda, eu não obedeço! Obedeço sim é as ordens de cima, as Leis do Universo, nestas o seu saldo bancário não chega nem perto de ser levado em consideração, o que é levado está mais próximo, beem mais próximo, e mais acessível à todos que aqui habitam, o coração. E se é minha pouca idade que me faz pensar assim, logo deixo aqui escrito para que com 30, 40, 50 anos eu tenha a oportunidade de reler esse texto e caso meu pensamento tenha mudado para o contrário, eu  então tenha consciência do quão eu regredi.

reflections of page 22.

First, let’s make a little clearly somethings: You got a great quantum jump this year until now, you’ve got the basis that you were missing in the beginning of the year. Your life and yourself really changed, and i really appreaciate this and i am so thankful for that! To have this opportunity! To meet this new world! =)

But, there is always a but, as we are always in a evolutive process, there’s still so much to be done. You do wanna change, that’s really clear on you, so if you want to, there is so much work to be done!

When there is change, there is resistance. So, you have to learn how to deal with that resistance, like some of them that can be said is the fact that you keep the comparison with the others that they don’t need this kind of hard work and they are already achieving your objectives. But the fact is: Everyone is unique. You have your own difficulties and your mission, they have their own difficulties that doesn’t need to be the same or as hard as yours, right? So this is the first fact you need to accept to begin your walk. So, going through this reasoning, you need to take comparisson away for this moment (or forever, whatever hahaha) =) Comparisson is useless in this walk, you have your own objectives, your own difficulties, your own mission and your own being, it may be identified by some points with some souls but when it does, don’t try to feel superior to show your walk is in front of someone or that you found your way and the person does not. It just causes some locks and you stay in the same steps as you were. So, taking comparisson away and understanding that yourself can’t be applied to others, you need to stop judging. The reason of that point is that every soul was choosen to be here the same way as you were, so you are not more important than anyone, you just found a different and clearly (for yourself) way to drop your difficulties. It’s not a better or worse way, just your way! So respect others actions, try to understand them, they are doing their best with their own consciousness. And when someone come to talk with you and come up some point that you know something that may be usefull about, try to be nice and to explain and to pass some kind of knowledge that the universe gave you. But that’s universe’s knowledge, not your knowledge. so you have to thank god not you =) giving that kind of resistance away, for sure that somethings will be improved!

There is some hints that i wanna give you, how about making a week without negative thoughts? Try to test your laboratory, see how it reacts =) It’s your own body, with your own mind, you can test it in so many many ways ( good or not) so try to test this way, to see how it works! Beginning from now =)

and i forgot the second hint KKKK that’s it for today!