Well done today! 😀 go on with your projects, industries for a week, and all studies about egos. Go on!


You have two options: choosing to cry the rest of this three days, or to study. Just talking about the first option, what will change to be crying in front of the mirrors saying bad things of you? It would change something? No, definetely not. Appearence is not the fucking important here, it will grow, it will get better. Just get used to it. People doesn’t have nothing to do with this. It’s your options. And it doesn’t talk nothing about your inside. And that’s what’s matter. It’s just the outside. It won’t change nothing. If something would change, it’s your mind. So, stop being such an ass, get your fuck on, and go on and stop crying for yourself. How can just this shit change everything? That’s unbelievable. So, finishing: Yes, it’s fucked. What can you do to change it? Nothing! …. Sooo.. it’s solved! Okay? But telling you the truth you can do some things to disguise it: like throwin it on back, or just tie it. Okay? Ok. so, pass well 🙂


You woke up, had breakfast with you grandparents and the rest of family got your stuff together, well done to be quiet at that moment, cause it would be not usefull to explain that kind of things to them.. but i remember when your father tried to give you some compliments you just got offended by not becase of what he said, just by something that is planted in your mind and theres nothing to do with he has said. but thats ok, we can learn something from that. Then, we went to travel and the rest was fine, you just got thinking in a lot of bad things but thats ok.. youre not your mind, youre not your body, youre not your soul.. thats just some things unknown.. we are here to learn with your mistakes. Ok, so you passed all your afternoon with a lazy ego, that time should be used to do something useful. but then, we got to the most important part, the social interaction part: you have to be so hard healthy to doesnt let your mind bother you… so, pay attention to the egos (LOTS of them) that appeared on that. you have to learn how control and then disappear with them. Like lazy, pride, envious, jealous, all of that… Don’t listen to your mind, she scares you because shes scared of you not giving attention to her so she keeps creating all of that crap making happiness untouchable. Great day! Thanks existance! Spread love, spread help, spread good thinking and Peace! Namastê

A mente não pode existir sem problemas: ela se nutre de problemas. Conflito, luta, desarmonia — e a mente está perfeitamente à vontade e ambientada. Silêncio, harmonia — e a mente começa a ficar com medo, porque harmonia, silêncio e paz são nada mais do que a morte para a mente.


Seja o que for que esteja fazendo, pensando ou decidindo, lembre-se de perguntar uma coisa: isso está vindo de você ou se trata de outra pessoa falando? Você ficará surpreso ao descobrir a voz verdadeira. Talvez seja a de sua mãe — você a ouvirá falando outra vez. Talvez seja a de seu pai — não é muito difícil detectar. A voz permanece ali, viva na memória, como se você a estivesse ouvindo pela primeira vez — o conselho, a ordem, a disciplina, o mandamento. Livre-se das vozes que existem dentro de você e logo ficará surpreso ao ouvir uma voz silenciosa que nunca escutara antes. Você não consegue identificar de quem seja essa voz. Não, não é de sua mãe, de seu pai, de seu pastor, nem de seu professor… De repente você a identifica: ela é a sua própria voz. E por isso que não consegue descobrir a identidade dela, a quem ela pertence. Descubra a sua própria voz. Depois faça o que ela diz sem receio. Aonde quer que ela o leve, é ali que está o objetivo da sua vida, é ali que está o seu destino. É só ali que você encontrará satisfação, contentamento.

just taking some things out of my mind

lets be honest, i didnt want to be there… im having this feeling cause im just interest in the rewarding, all my life is based in this interest. i choose this course by it, all my interests is done by it, always thinking about the rewarding. so, you made a choice. thats not an option to quit it now, so you will end up your course and try to develop yourself the max you can til the end of it. trying to keep from every experience some kind of knowledge that may help you in the future, some lots of things may still happen, youre just in the beginning of life. so, keep studying and with your self development, and in three years (or for, five) you will be able to really choose what you do want to do with life. keep the hard work. it will help you. and talking about those situations, try to be attenpt to them to understand your egos, cause it really made you bad. and talking about the internet behavior, just keep it away. youre so wasting your time and life and everything related to it in this shit, and youre just wasting brain on here, cause youre just doing useless things and wasting a fucking time that you should be studying. please, please, please, don’t fucking give up before developing yourself and trying. why would you give up? you dont even tried. the same case you didnt get it , others didnt too. okay, dont try to compair yourself, you are you. they are they. and thanks god. keep those things in the fucking mind. pass well