just taking some things out of my mind

lets be honest, i didnt want to be there… im having this feeling cause im just interest in the rewarding, all my life is based in this interest. i choose this course by it, all my interests is done by it, always thinking about the rewarding. so, you made a choice. thats not an option to quit it now, so you will end up your course and try to develop yourself the max you can til the end of it. trying to keep from every experience some kind of knowledge that may help you in the future, some lots of things may still happen, youre just in the beginning of life. so, keep studying and with your self development, and in three years (or for, five) you will be able to really choose what you do want to do with life. keep the hard work. it will help you. and talking about those situations, try to be attenpt to them to understand your egos, cause it really made you bad. and talking about the internet behavior, just keep it away. youre so wasting your time and life and everything related to it in this shit, and youre just wasting brain on here, cause youre just doing useless things and wasting a fucking time that you should be studying. please, please, please, don’t fucking give up before developing yourself and trying. why would you give up? you dont even tried. the same case you didnt get it , others didnt too. okay, dont try to compair yourself, you are you. they are they. and thanks god. keep those things in the fucking mind. pass well


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