You have two options: choosing to cry the rest of this three days, or to study. Just talking about the first option, what will change to be crying in front of the mirrors saying bad things of you? It would change something? No, definetely not. Appearence is not the fucking important here, it will grow, it will get better. Just get used to it. People doesn’t have nothing to do with this. It’s your options. And it doesn’t talk nothing about your inside. And that’s what’s matter. It’s just the outside. It won’t change nothing. If something would change, it’s your mind. So, stop being such an ass, get your fuck on, and go on and stop crying for yourself. How can just this shit change everything? That’s unbelievable. So, finishing: Yes, it’s fucked. What can you do to change it? Nothing! …. Sooo.. it’s solved! Okay? But telling you the truth you can do some things to disguise it: like throwin it on back, or just tie it. Okay? Ok. so, pass well 🙂


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