reflections of page 22.

First, let’s make a little clearly somethings: You got a great quantum jump this year until now, you’ve got the basis that you were missing in the beginning of the year. Your life and yourself really changed, and i really appreaciate this and i am so thankful for that! To have this opportunity! To meet this new world! =)

But, there is always a but, as we are always in a evolutive process, there’s still so much to be done. You do wanna change, that’s really clear on you, so if you want to, there is so much work to be done!

When there is change, there is resistance. So, you have to learn how to deal with that resistance, like some of them that can be said is the fact that you keep the comparison with the others that they don’t need this kind of hard work and they are already achieving your objectives. But the fact is: Everyone is unique. You have your own difficulties and your mission, they have their own difficulties that doesn’t need to be the same or as hard as yours, right? So this is the first fact you need to accept to begin your walk. So, going through this reasoning, you need to take comparisson away for this moment (or forever, whatever hahaha) =) Comparisson is useless in this walk, you have your own objectives, your own difficulties, your own mission and your own being, it may be identified by some points with some souls but when it does, don’t try to feel superior to show your walk is in front of someone or that you found your way and the person does not. It just causes some locks and you stay in the same steps as you were. So, taking comparisson away and understanding that yourself can’t be applied to others, you need to stop judging. The reason of that point is that every soul was choosen to be here the same way as you were, so you are not more important than anyone, you just found a different and clearly (for yourself) way to drop your difficulties. It’s not a better or worse way, just your way! So respect others actions, try to understand them, they are doing their best with their own consciousness. And when someone come to talk with you and come up some point that you know something that may be usefull about, try to be nice and to explain and to pass some kind of knowledge that the universe gave you. But that’s universe’s knowledge, not your knowledge. so you have to thank god not you =) giving that kind of resistance away, for sure that somethings will be improved!

There is some hints that i wanna give you, how about making a week without negative thoughts? Try to test your laboratory, see how it reacts =) It’s your own body, with your own mind, you can test it in so many many ways ( good or not) so try to test this way, to see how it works! Beginning from now =)

and i forgot the second hint KKKK that’s it for today!


they say learn with your mistakes but how would i if every day is like a truck of mistakes.

maybe i am the problem. actually, i know i am the problem. but they say we need to be ourselves, to let our nature just shows up. and to not be the problem, i would have to change myself and act against what i am. and now? whats supposed to do? looking in the two views, you did something wrong? what could you do? it would change? but looking on the other side what i could say is that he could act in another way, just not treating you like that. tomorrow i will act normal, because forgiveness is the best thing we have, so you are just forgiving it now and tomorrow there will be no feeling about this. if he has it in his heart, its his problem. people will criticize you, again, by everything you did and you are, you were born to deal with that, unfortunately. but you just claim things you think of, so it happened to show real relationship. but what i have doubt is that he really could handle this situation in another way but his nature is too different and i just don’t know what to think or to do. but you will forgive. now my heart feels different. in the presen