stop making things so complicated. lets ndanalyze things: you think too much, and then when something happens you just get “oh, fuck that. let’s end with that” and when it pass you live your hole fucking days thinking about that and dreamind. but in the other plan, all the person can think is that you are boring, without interest and things like that. my clue to you: let all your thinkings on here. they are no real. focus on the present. focus on what exist. do you wanna know why you feel tired? thats all caused by lots of energies being wasted on thinking. it causes you the same spirit level you are now. please get those thinkings to god, to mine superior to something like that. but start focusing on the present, on what you can change. stop thinking on all the possibilities that you have, if he calls you, if you guys date, if he came on here because nothing of that is real, so you began to create an history, a lie, and your brain get so involved to that, that it begins to treat it as a truth. so, my clue for you to save your year:

  1. Focus on the present.
  2. Give your thoughts to ternity.
  3. Always remember what Edgardos said: wise words, indered. Your y mental proccess is trying to give you away from your objectives, it keeps dreaming, creating situaations, imaginating possiibilities and things like that. the all you win in that is you not being able to live and share the hole moment you have on here ON THE HERE AND NOW. So, start caring about your thoughts, as buda said:
  4. No enemy can hurt you as a uncaeried mind
  5. So, take care of yourr mental health. Take care how you enjoy your day. Take care, responsability.  Watch your thoguhts, see how it works

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