they say learn with your mistakes but how would i if every day is like a truck of mistakes.


everyday  i get knowing myself better and im not liking the results

maybe i am the problem. actually, i know i am the problem. but they say we need to be ourselves, to let our nature just shows up. and to not be the problem, i would have to change myself and act against what i am. and now? whats supposed to do? looking in the two views, you did something wrong? what could you do? it would change? but looking on the other side what i could say is that he could act in another way, just not treating you like that. tomorrow i will act normal, because forgiveness is the best thing we have, so you are just forgiving it now and tomorrow there will be no feeling about this. if he has it in his heart, its his problem. people will criticize you, again, by everything you did and you are, you were born to deal with that, unfortunately. but you just claim things you think of, so it happened to show real relationship. but what i have doubt is that he really could handle this situation in another way but his nature is too different and i just don’t know what to think or to do. but you will forgive. now my heart feels different. in the presen