maybe i am the problem. actually, i know i am the problem. but they say we need to be ourselves, to let our nature just shows up. and to not be the problem, i would have to change myself and act against what i am. and now? whats supposed to do? looking in the two views, you did something wrong? what could you do? it would change? but looking on the other side what i could say is that he could act in another way, just not treating you like that. tomorrow i will act normal, because forgiveness is the best thing we have, so you are just forgiving it now and tomorrow there will be no feeling about this. if he has it in his heart, its his problem. people will criticize you, again, by everything you did and you are, you were born to deal with that, unfortunately. but you just claim things you think of, so it happened to show real relationship. but what i have doubt is that he really could handle this situation in another way but his nature is too different and i just don’t know what to think or to do. but you will forgive. now my heart feels different. in the presen


You have two options: choosing to cry the rest of this three days, or to study. Just talking about the first option, what will change to be crying in front of the mirrors saying bad things of you? It would change something? No, definetely not. Appearence is not the fucking important here, it will grow, it will get better. Just get used to it. People doesn’t have nothing to do with this. It’s your options. And it doesn’t talk nothing about your inside. And that’s what’s matter. It’s just the outside. It won’t change nothing. If something would change, it’s your mind. So, stop being such an ass, get your fuck on, and go on and stop crying for yourself. How can just this shit change everything? That’s unbelievable. So, finishing: Yes, it’s fucked. What can you do to change it? Nothing! …. Sooo.. it’s solved! Okay? But telling you the truth you can do some things to disguise it: like throwin it on back, or just tie it. Okay? Ok. so, pass well 🙂


You woke up, had breakfast with you grandparents and the rest of family got your stuff together, well done to be quiet at that moment, cause it would be not usefull to explain that kind of things to them.. but i remember when your father tried to give you some compliments you just got offended by not becase of what he said, just by something that is planted in your mind and theres nothing to do with he has said. but thats ok, we can learn something from that. Then, we went to travel and the rest was fine, you just got thinking in a lot of bad things but thats ok.. youre not your mind, youre not your body, youre not your soul.. thats just some things unknown.. we are here to learn with your mistakes. Ok, so you passed all your afternoon with a lazy ego, that time should be used to do something useful. but then, we got to the most important part, the social interaction part: you have to be so hard healthy to doesnt let your mind bother you… so, pay attention to the egos (LOTS of them) that appeared on that. you have to learn how control and then disappear with them. Like lazy, pride, envious, jealous, all of that… Don’t listen to your mind, she scares you because shes scared of you not giving attention to her so she keeps creating all of that crap making happiness untouchable. Great day! Thanks existance! Spread love, spread help, spread good thinking and Peace! Namastê